Tips for Taking a Day Trip To Segovia from Madrid

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When it comes to insider tips for exploring Spain, Nicole Jewell is the My Itchy Travel Feet expert. Follow along as Nicole shares her tips for taking a day trip to Segovia from Madrid.

As much as I love my adopted city of Madrid one of my favorite things to do is to explore more of the Iberian Peninsula. Spain is fascinating on so many levels, from its profound history to the vibrant pueblos hidden throughout the country.

In fact, driving along Spain’s west coast through the Lower Rias is still one of my favorite all-time trips. However, not everyone has weeks to explore the country’s expansive coastline or lush mountainous areas in the north.

In this case, quick day trips will have to do. And if we’re talking about day trips from Madrid, well, Segovia is the place to go!

How to take a day trip to Segovia from Madrid

The double-stacked arches of the Roman aqueduct make an impressive beginning on a day trip to Segovia.
Segovia’s beloved Aqueduct brings many tourists and history lovers to this beautiful Spanish city.

Located just an hour and a half from Madrid by car (or you can take the train), Segovia is a very popular day trip from the capital city, and with good reason. You’ll find Roman history, a gothic cathedral, an impressive Arab fortress—and ham. No wonder that the Old Town and Aqueduct have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The Roman Aqueduct is just the beginning

Segovia’s aqueduct, which is thought to have been constructed in AD 81-96, is the city’s claim to historic fame. You’ll marvel at over 160 arches stacked in a two-tier configuration. However, once you pass the impressive structure and head uphill, this charming Spanish town only gets better.

Double-tiered aqueduct with blue sky showing through the arches.
The Segovia Aqueduct is not to be missed on a visit to this charming city. Although, you really couldn’t miss it if you tried!

Spend time in the Segovia Cathedral

After you’ve gazed and marveled at the incredible engineering of the famous aqueduct, strolling through Segovia leads to more incredible sights. Once you’ve made it to the main plaza, which is gorgeous in its own right, the Segovia Cathedral (purchase your entrance ticket here), with its tell-tale pinnacles and flying buttresses in full glory, is majestically settled into the plaza’s corner.

The cathedral was built in the mid-sixteenth century. It is the last Gothic cathedral built in Spain and one of the last to be built in Europe.

Take some time to wander around the cathedral’s solemn interior, and once you leave, take a left and follow the road downhill until you come to Segovia’s incredible castle. No, you haven’t wandered into Disney World.

This is Segovia’s beautiful Alcázar. And yes, many claim that Walt Disney used the Alcázar as a model for the Disney castle.

Castle spires rise about green trees and lawn in Segovia, Spain.
if you don’t have time to explore the interior, take the walking trail or road down to the foot of the building. There’s an open lawn with a creek that makes for a great picnic area.

Explore the Alcázar on a Segovia day trip

The Segovia Alcázar was built in 1120, and like many Spanish castles or palaces, was originally an Arab fortress. After Christianity had been restored to the city, the building was used as a residence for monarchs of the Kingdom of Castile for centuries.

However, it was perhaps Queen Isabella I of Castile who made this castle her own, when she used the structure as a base as she staked her rightful claim to the title of Queen of Castile and León in 1474.

If you get the chance to enter the Alcázar, you should. It’s a beautiful building that has been witness to many, many years of Spanish history.

Vera Cruz church
From the Alcázar, you can see beautiful views of the Castillian landscape, including the Vera Cruz church, which was built by the Templars in 1208.

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More things to see and do on a day in Segovia

Of course, there are many more things to see and do in Segovia. There are a number of romanesque churches in the area. At the foot of the Alcázar, you could visit the recently renovated Segovia Mint where Spain’s first official coins were made.

And for those foodies out there, don’t miss the chance to taste the region’s famous cochinilla asado (Roast Suckling Pig). My favorite place is José María, although it is a bit pricey!

Then again, Segovia is full of surprises and if you’re lucky like I was on my last visit, there will be an expert ham slicer (maestro jamonero) on hand in the plaza to give out slices of the succulent Iberian ham the country is known for.

Segovia Travel
Just look at the faces in the crowd. These people are serious about their ham!

More day trips from Madrid

Using Madrid as your headquarters, venture out of the city for a day of exploring, especially if smaller, off-the-beaten-path Spanish cities appeal to your boomer travel style. Besides Segovia, I recommend:

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