Best Day Trips from Girona, Spain

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Spain doesn’t come up short on cities filled with history and charm. And many make convenient headquarters for nearby day trips, like Girona.

When it comes to insider tips for exploring Spain, Nicole Jewell is the My Itchy Travel Feet expert. Follow along as Nicole shares her advice for best day trips from Girona.

If you’re looking for a Spain getaway that’s convenient to Madrid, consider Girona. The small Spanish town offers plenty of things to see plus the day trips from Girona are truly enchanting.

When I booked a train trip from Madrid to Girona for my second visit, I was excited to once again stroll through the Spanish city’s medieval streets and see the famed cathedral, etc. But, since I’d already seen most of the city, I was also thrilled at the idea of exploring some of the wonderful Girona day trips while I was there.

Although some people don’t like to visit the same place twice, I’ve often found that returning to a place I’ve visited before is often more enjoyable than the initial visit. You already have a good mental layout of the place, which makes it easier to get around.

Visiting a destination for the second time also gives you the chance to see what you didn’t see the first time.

My friend and I unknowingly booked our train tickets the same dates as the city’s famed Temps de Flores (Flower Festival). As we quickly discovered when we tried to make hotel reservations, the festival brings people from all over the world, and local people from nearby villages pack the train and bus stations on day visits to Girona.

Yellow and red flowers cascade down the steps from Girona's Temps de Flores
Flowers carpeting the steps up to the cathedral.

Great event for the city, but wasn’t so great for our travel plans.

I would like to say that being in Girona during the festival was fun. But honestly, it added a chaotic energy to the city, which I just didn’t enjoy.

Onion sculpture, part of Girona's Temps de Flores, on a city street.
I have to admit that the onion sculpture did win me over a bit during the crowded festival.

The Temps de Flores is a nice festival and there are gorgeous flower exhibitions all over the city, but the amount of people was just too much for me . It made it impossible to stroll leisurely through the streets without bumping into people—all the more reason to get out of town on some Girona day tours.

Why take a day trip from Girona?

View of Girona's riverside homes on a Girona tour
View of Girona’s riverside homes.

Girona is a wonderful place to visit, not only because it’s a gorgeous town, but because it’s close to other beautiful Spanish towns! On my first visit, I explored some of the beaches along the coast.

But, if you’re looking to see charming medieval towns, quirky art and whitewashed villages, check out my recommendations for the places to visit near Girona.

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Take a bus ride from Girona to Cadaqués

The whitewashed village of Cadaques overlooks the blue sea.
Cadaqués is an incredibly picturesque village. Make time to stroll its beautiful white-washed streets!

Cadaqués is a must day excursion if you’re visiting Girona. It is a whitewashed town that sits on a bay in the middle of the Cap de Creus peninsula.

We traveled on a bus ride that took just under 2 hours. Be forewarned, however, that the last 30 or 45 minutes is on a very, very curvy road so if you’re prone to car sickness, bring on the Dramamine.

Giant pink lips and Firelli tire sculptures are some of the art Inside the Dali House in Portlligat
The Dali House was the artist’s studio for many years.
Yellow flowers bloom in the garden of the Dali house on a tour from Girona.
Oddities can be found in and outside the home.

Once you’re in Cadaqués, a walk to the Dali House in Portlligat is worth the 25-minute uphill walk. You can also take a taxi.

If you’d like to visit the home, make reservations in advance here. Only a limited amount of people are allowed to enter the small home and the surrounding property, which is filled with a lot of crazy oddities.

We arrived without reservation and had to pester the grumpy clerk to let us in. Pestering for the win!

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Visit medieval Besalu on a Girona day trip

Besalu's 12th century bridge reflects into the river. It's one of the best day trips from Girona, Spain.
Being that it is so close to Girona, Besalu makes for a great day trip!

Besalu is a picturesque medieval town known for its 12th-century Romanesque bridge. It’s about 45 minutes from Girona. A sweet, but compact town, exploring Besalu doesn’t really take more than an hour or so, but the town is beautiful and worth the trip. Besalu definitely deserves a spot on your where to go in Spain list.

Explore the Spanish village of Pals

Stone houses on a street in Pals, Spain. It's one gorgeous Girona day trip.
Pals is a charming medieval town that makes for a good place to stop while on your way to the coast!

Pals is another picturesque medieval town that makes a great day trip from Girona. About an hour away, the gorgeous Spanish village is filled with cobblestone streets, narrow walkways and charming arches.

Make sure to check out the large Tower of Hours and the lookout point, which gives beautiful views of the expansive countryside. The Plaza Mayor is a great place to have a bite to eat or a coffee. If you go in August, you’ll find the Catalan Wine and Cheese Fair.

Again, it’s another one of those Spanish towns that are straight out of a fairy tale. But… if you’re already getting a bit sick of picturesque medieval towns, Pals is on the way to the coast. Passing the city, you’ll make your way to a number of quaint beaches and fishing villages.

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Fun things to do in Girona

Beige, peach and red stone buildings buildings overlook the river Onyar.
The city has a number of bridge, all providing beautiful views of the city.

Flower festivals or not, for a fairly small town, Girona has a lot of great things to see, so don’t spend all of your time on out-of-town excursions. The medieval atmosphere gives the town a lot of character. And walking from site to site is really enjoyable because of the city’s layout of winding, narrow streets.

Take a photo from the Eiffel Bridge

Red spans form a criss-cross pattern on the Eiffel bridge in Girona.
View from the bridge.

We found waking up early was the key to seeing the sights during the crowded festival. Entering the old part of Girona, most visitors will cross thee Eiffel Bridge (Pont de les Peixateries Velles)—a beautiful bright red bridge that spans over the river Onyar.

The bridge was constructed by Gustave Eiffel  around 1877, years before the Eiffel Tower was built. It’s a nice place to take photos of the picturesque houses that rise up from the river.

Visit the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona

Tourists stand on the steps of beige stone cathedral.

The construction of the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona was begun in the 11th century and completed late in the 13th century, with additions taking place until the 18th century. Today, it holds the title of having the widest Gothic nave in the world.

The cathedral stands tall over the city’s narrow streets and is the pride and joy of the city. For Game of Thrones fans, the cathedral’s long front stairs (as well as various parts of the city) will be instantly recognizable because the series filmed a lot of season 6 in Girona.

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Appreciate history in the Jewish Quarter

Narrow street in Girona Jewish Quarter.
Girona is a wonderful place to simply stroll through its winding streets and hidden staircases.

Girona’s Jewish Quarter is known as one of the best preserved quarters in the world. Wandering around the “Call” will lead you through the narrow streets and cobblestoned patios that go back to a time when Girona’s Jewish community played a vital role in the city.

Starting off at Calle de la Força, you can make your way to the Museum of Jewish History and the Museum of City History. However, I’d really recommend taking a Girona walking tour of this area because the history is fascinating.

Climb Griona’s Medieval Walls

A woman walks on the walkway along the medieval wall in Girona, Spain.
Go back in time as you wander through the walls’ walkways.

Stretching from one side of the city to the other, Girona’s medieval walls (Passeig de la Muralla) make for a great place for an early morning walk or a place to catch a beautiful sunset.

Sunset view of a cathedral in Girona, Spain.
Fantastic views are all but guaranteed from any position on the walls.

You can also visit Girona from Barcelona. It’s a great choice for cruisers on their second or third time to Barcelona. If your cruise ship doesn’t offer one, here’s how to book a Girona tour on your own.

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