Eating Well on the Road

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Eating Well on the Road
Candy Harrington shares lifestyle strategies for healthy eating at home and on the road.

Eating healthy and controlling weight is a challenge for most travelers, whether you’re a boomer on a road trip or someone who travels for a profession like writer, Candy Harrington. Before you know it, the doctor’s prescribing blood pressure and cholesterol medication because of your unhealthy meal choices at home and on the road. That’s what happened to Candy and her photographer husband, Charles Pannell. But rather than meekly accepting years of living on prescriptions, Candy took charge of the couple’s lifestyle, making healthy changes that got them off many of those prescriptions. In her latest book available on Kindle and in print, Eating Well On The Road, she shows how you can do it, too.

In their quest for a healthier lifestyle, Candy and Charles discovered that limiting sodium intake equals losing weight. They also reduced portion size and counted calories. In fact, following the plan, they lost 20% of their body weight and have kept it off. Eating Well on the Road shares their strategies for weight loss, healthy eating and lifestyle changes while encouraging readers to create their own healthy living strategies.

Eating Well on the Road begins with advice for menu planning, tips for grocery shopping and label reading. I’m no stranger to weekly menu planning. It’s the way that I’ve always run my kitchen. But the advice that Candy gives on label reading, especially when it comes to limiting sodium intake, is especially helpful. You’ll be amazed at the sodium hidden in many common foods, especially prepared foods.

Okay, so where’s the “on the road” part of Candy’s advice? You’ll find it in Chapters 8 through 12, where Candy covers road trip eating tips, fast-food strategies, how to eat in restaurants, cutting calories on a plane and how not to gain weight on a cruise.

Eating Well on the Road also helps you eat well at home. Candy has included over 100 low-calorie recipes that limit calories and sodium. And at the Eating Well on the Road website, Candy shares more healthy living advice and recipes.

So now you no longer have an excuse for unhealthy eating habits. Not with Candy Harrington around. Check out her book and start Eating Well on the Road. I’ll be adding it to our One Healthy Change series as a reminder to clean up my own healthy eating act.

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