Coloring Glacier National Park

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When it comes to exploring unforgettable Montana scenery, Glacier National Park ranks at the top of our list. Alan and I are lucky to live about three hours away from this gorgeous park, which means plenty of opportunities to photograph and explore Glacier’s beauty.

What’s the next best thing to being there? Creating your own scenery in Coloring Glacier National Park, A Grayscale Coloring Book for Travelers.

Inside the beautiful cover, you’ll find 34 grayscale coloring pages—one side only printing ensures that no colors leak through to the next page—depicting our favorite Glacier National Park destinations, including Grinnell Lake, winter at Lake McDonald and the view from the deck of Many Glacier Hotel.

Coloring Glacier National Park, A Grayscale Coloring Book for Travelers is a fun coloring reminder of the beauty of Glacier National Park.
That’s not a photograph on the cover, it’s a coloring page.

This varied selection of scenic landscapes, wildlife and nature close-ups is sure to remind you of a favorite Glacier National Park travel memory. And it’s guaranteed to inspire your next trip to this beautiful Montana destination.

Coloring Glacier National Park

snow-capped mountains reflected in a lake
Coloring the trees was my favorite part of completing this page of a winter scene at Lake McDonald.

How is a grayscale coloring book different from the one’s you’re used to seeing at Amazon or in hobby stores? Photographs, in this case our photos of Glacier National Park, have been processed into gray images. Although the concept looks difficult, once you begin coloring, you’ll see how easy and simple grayscale coloring is, especially if you’re a non-artistic type like me.

A mountain goat grazing in a field of wildflowers
This mountain goat entertained us on a hike to Hidden Lake overlook. I’m so glad that his photo was good enough to include in this coloring book. I could almost feel his fur as I colored him.

How do you color in a grayscale coloring book?

Use the gray shading to guide color selections using darker colors in the dark gray sections and lighter colors in the lighter gray areas. The results are amazingly realistic. And the artistic quality of the finished page will make you feel like an artist.

Whether you enjoy shading, detailed coloring or simply having fun with colors, you’ll find relaxation and travel inspiration in the pages of Coloring Glacier National Park, A Grayscale Coloring Book for Travelers.

Cloud reflections in a mountain lake
This page of Swiftcurrent Lake captures clouds reflected in the water.

Which tools are best for grayscale coloring?

Color with your favorite coloring implements like colored pencils or even gel pens or markers, although watercolor pencils might not show up as well. I use Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils, a sharpener and a blender pencil.

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