Making baby boomer travel resolutions

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Looking ahead. Writing down goals. It’s that time of year – for resolutions. I’ll be honest. I don’t usually make them. But, a list of want-to-dos and should-have-dones continuously swirls in this travel brain of mine. So, I’m putting them on paper (well, on the computers screen.)

Try a new activity
Nothing sparks energy like learning a new skill. The first time I zip-lined, my knees were shaking but I couldn’t wait to do it again. Will it be ice climbing for 2009? I don’t think so. But, fly fishing in Montana or a hot air balloon ride over the Napa Valley sounds good to me.

Visit a new placep1030754
Traveling to a new area makes me want to know more, see more, visit more. On our first safari in the South African bush, Alan and I lost our hearts to the wildness of the place and can’t wait to visit again. Whether the location is half way around the world or just around the corner, seeing something new opens your mind. In 2009, we’ll be exploring China and Viet Nam for the first time.

Do more of a good thing
Just because I’m trying new activities, doesn’t mean that I should forget about the things I love to do. Alan and I will be hiking and off-roading especially when that means exploring our own backyard in the desert Southwest. Hmm, a visit to Sunglow Ranch in the Chirichauas would take care of both of those activities.

Read about it
Reading local fiction provides a wonderful introduction to a new place. This year, I’m turning my good intentions into action. Who has an internet resource they can share with us?

Put fitness first
This baby boomer isn’t getting any younger. The more fit I am, the more successful the travel will be. So, I’m re-introducing stretching, cardio work-outs and weight training appropriate for baby boomers to my daily routine. I’ll also be looking for ways to stay fit while traveling.

Pack less
What can I say? Even the one-sole shoes haven’t lightened my load. But, I’ll continue to work on the challenge of traveling with less. Alan will be thrilled. 

Go greener
There’s no easy answer to this one. Buy carbon off-sets when I fly? Seek out energy efficient properties? For now, the best that I can do is re-use towels, turn off lights and keep searching for more ways to be environmentally aware. 

Catalog those photos
Do you have stacks of photos waiting to go into albums? What about a computer full of digital images? I do. This is the year I make albums, including designing and ordering from this nifty photo book company

Take in the scene
On a trip, I’m usually taking notes, planning articles, and shooting photos. It’s easy to miss a lot that way. This year, I’m going to spend more time being present in the moment because the old saying is true, “it’s the journey, not the destination.”

Are you making baby boomer travel resolutions? Post a comment to share them with us.

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