Boomer #TravelGoals: Vacation Ownership, Peace of Mind Included

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Hilton Grand Vacations is sponsoring this look at retiree vacation ownership. 

Are you a goal maker? As we limp out of 2020―a year we’ll all be happy to leave behind―what are your travel goals for 2021? 

Since most of My Itchy Travel Feet readers are retirees (Alan and I included), our goals include aspirations that we could only dream about while raising families and working at careers. Now that we are mostly free of those responsibilities, it’s our turn to make those dreams come true. 

Will your 2021 travel plans include vacation ownership? I’ve already written about vacation ownership bucket list travel . Now let’s look at how retiree vacation ownership offers a convenient and safe way to travel in 2021. 

Should you purchase a vacation home or choose vacation ownership? 

A couple standing on a balcony overlooking a city

We’ve all dreamed about the cabin in the woods, condo at the beach or house at the lake at some point in our lives. But I can tell you what happens from personal experience. Instead of recreating, you end up caretaking another home. Instead of relaxing on the beach, motoring around the lake or hiking another mountain trail, there are more walls to paint, carpets to replace and home security to worry about. 

Also, that wonderful vacation home you dreamed about becomes your only travel destination. After all, you want to get your money’s worth. Rather than exploring the world, you end up experiencing the same lake, beach or mountain destination, year after year. While that was fine in the beginning, as time passes, owning a vacation home becomes confining. 

But having a destination that’s “yours” comes with a certain peace of mind. You know what to expect. The accommodations suit your taste. And there’s the assurance in knowing the cleanliness protocols meet your standards, whether you are responsible for making them happen at a vacation home or someone else is taking care of cleanliness if you have purchased a timeshare. 

There is another way for those of us with itchy travel feet: vacation ownership with Hilton Grand Vacations. 

Not only do you leave the homeownership hassles to someone else, but vacation ownership is also one of the safest ways to travel. While staying at a Hilton Grand Vacations property, you’ll enjoy spacious suites that allow for plenty of social distancing. More importantly, Hilton Grand Vacations participates in the Hilton CleanStay™ enhanced cleaning protocols, ensuring a safe, sanitary stay. 

Graphic pointing out health safety measures of a Hilton Clean Stay

What does that mean? With the enhanced cleaning protocols of Hilton CleanStay™, Hilton Grand Vacations sanitizes to the highest standard. Here are a few of the enhanced safety measures: 

  • Touch-free arrival and departure with protective barriers
  • Gloved and masked bell staff
  • Complimentary masks, hand sanitizer and wipes
  • Room seals indicating that no one has accessed your suite after its thorough cleaning
  • EPA-approved COVID-19 solutions used on high-touch areas like light switches

Hilton Grand Vacations is a safe travel alternative. 

Couple making vacation plans

During these trying travel times, concerns about health and safety are a given. Vacation ownership just might be the safest way to travel. When you stay in a multi-bedroom suite with a fully equipped kitchen, it’s easy to social distance as much as you want. 

Hire a chef for dining in the comfort of your suite or use the Hilton Grand Vacations refrigerator stocking service for groceries that check-in before you do. Everything is waiting so that you can cook in or dine out. Your choice! Of course, dining on-site includes social distancing and masking protocols to protect your health. 

 With plenty of square footage in your multi-bedroom suite, you won’t feel cramped or “imprisoned.” How much you explore or enjoy the on-site amenities is up to your comfort level. 

How does Hilton Grand Vacations vacation ownership work? 

expansive lawn and pool overlooking the Caribbean

When you purchase a Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare, you’ll discover an assortment of timeshare travel options. You buy an annual points allotment that you can use at your “home resort” that you often visit or apply those points to vacation at a new Hilton Grand Vacations destination.  

Owners receive Hilton Grand Vacations ClubPoints (not to be confused with Hilton honors Points), which they can use to book their favorite resort or visit a destination property that’s new-to-them. 

 Hilton Grand Vacations offers budget-friendly opportunities for prospective owners to try out the property and learn more about the program.

Boomer Travel Tip

Hilton Grand Vacations invites you to Have It All in Orlando or Las Vegas. Click through for details.

Here are some questions to think about before attending a presentation: 

Collage of two styles of living rooms in a vacation club.

What type of vacation vibe do I like? 

Is a quiet, relaxing getaway your idea of retiree vacation ownership? Or do you prefer a destination with lots to do and see? 

How do I see myself traveling in the future? 

Are there bucket list destinations you’d like to check off the list? Would you prefer using points for cruises or tours? Hilton Grand Vacations ClubPoints make that possible. 

Where can I stay? 

Camper traveling on a scenic road

Browse the wide selection of Hilton Grand Vacations resorts and destinations on the website. Each resort page lists out suite amenities and things to do both on and off the property. You’ll also be surprised at some of the third-party offerings like Tauck tours or small ship vacations. 

What can I afford? 

Hilton Grand Vacations can customize your points to your travel wishes. Decide what’s right for you based upon your yearly vacation budget. You receive an annual allotment of points to use at that particular property or another Hilton Grand Vacations travel destination. Consider that the time of year, how soon you book, and the resort’s popularity determines the number of points required for the vacation stay. 

Beyond the initial purchase (one-time fee), ask about annual HOA and administration fees that you might not have thought about. It’s important to get the entire financial picture before committing. 

What do current club members think about the program? 

Club members share their Hilton Grand Vacations experiences and opinions at the Plan Your Vacation blogso read it before attending your scheduled presentation. Owners also offer great tips on making the most of the program and how to use points effectively. 

If you are a retiree itching to travel but need peace of mind, consider vacation ownership. It’s also a great way to enjoy the outdoors at a multitude of destinations. I’ll be telling you more about combining active travel with Hilton Grand Vacations soon. 

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