Scenes from the Road: Southern Italy Week 1

Updated: 10.01.2014

While Alan and I are traveling on our Visiting Italy’s Heel adventure (#bellaitalia), we’ll be posting weekly photo updates. Since time and internet connections are tight, we won’t waste any precious seconds introducing you to Southern Italy Week One:

Explore Subiaco

Exploring the narrow lanes of Subiaco, Italy

Claudia Fontana from Italy A La Carte met us in Rome for the drive to southern Italy. On the way, we stopped at the lovely hilltop town of Subiaco, where we explored the cobblestone streets. Lucrezia Borgia, daughter of Pope Alexander VI, grew up in the castle located at the top of the town.

Rock formation at Capricotta in Italy

You’ll find this rock at Capricotta on a drive in Italy’s Apennine Mountains.

On a scenic road trip through the Apennines, we stopped at Capracotta. Alan says he’s coming back to this small village located high in the Italian mountains.

Peschici on the Adriatic Coast of Italy

The white city of Peschici sits on the Adriatic coast of Italy.

The scenes from our walking tour of Peschici made us think of the white-washed buildings in Santorini. Although the architecture resembles buildings found on the Greek Islands, this area of Italy was settled by Slavic peoples from the Dalmatian Coast. Today, it’s a summer playground for Germans and Russians.

Church in Viesti, Italy

It was a long, uphill walk to reach the church in Viesti.

In Viesti, Alan and I walked up and up through winding cobblestone streets until we finally reached the church. Although it was closed, the view overlooking the Adriatic was worth the effort.

Benedictine Abbey on San Nicola

Alan sits behind the Benedictine Abbey on San Nicola in the Tremiti Islands of Italy.

It took a helicopter ride, followed by a short boat trip to reach San Nicola in the Tremiti Islands, where we explored a Benedictine Abbey dating from the year 1,000. Through the centuries, the island has also been used to imprison many groups of people. Today, the area is a popular Italian getaway.

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What do you think of our trip so far? Have you visited any of the destinations that our photographs have highlighted? So far, our trip has been filled with historical sites, charming villages and delicious food. Next week, we’ll share another photo essay of our trip to Italy’s heel. Ciao!

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