South African Safari, a Trip of a Lifetime

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A South African safari is a wonderful travel experience, especially for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers (even amateur photographers). For active boomers, a safari is a great way to mix a bit of adventure with a bit of relaxation along the way.

Our luxury South African safari was the trip of a lifetime. Accommodations included Ivory Lodge at Lion Sands and Madikwe Private Game Lodge. And then there were those couple of days relaxing at Birkenhead House in Hermanus on the coast.

Read our safari planning tips, first-hand luxury lodging reviews and wildlife photos to get you started on the road to your own South African safari.


Before you go on a South African safari

Bucket list trips, like South African safaris, require planning. You don’t decide one day that you’ll fly over to Africa to watch wildlife. This type of travel requires preparation: learning about the right clothes to wear (yes, it makes a difference), health checks and brushing up on your photography skills. As they say, anticipation is part of the fun of travel.

Tips for Planning a Safari

Unlike some trips where you might be able to travel spontaneously, a safari takes quite a bit of strategic planning. In order to really take advantage of your time, organization is key. To read more about how to plan for your South African safari, click on Tips for Planning a Safari.

Dressing for Safari

What clothes are best to bring on safari? Our tips show you exactly what to pack. To read more, click on Dressing for a Safari Adventure.

Wildlife Watching on a South African Game Drive

Anyone looking to see wild animals “up close and personal” will love South African game drives. It’s an intimate experience in comparison with the wild Serengeti plains and an unforgettable experience. We show you exactly what to expect. Read read more by clicking on Travel with the animals on a South African game drive.

Tips for Visiting Your Local Travel Clinic

Safety and health are priorities while traveling anywhere in the world, but you want to be especially prudent on safari. A trip to your medical professional beforehand is a must. To read more, click on Visit your local travel clinic before traveling to a remote part of the world.


Luxury Lodges in South Africa

During our South African safari, we stayed at two luxury lodges that we’d be happy to visit again. At Lion Sands, Ivory Lodge was our headquarters for exploring Sabi Sands Game Reserve. Then we boarded a small plane for a flight to the private airport in Johannesburg, boarded another plane and headed to Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge near the Botswana border.

Exploring in luxury at Ivory Lodge

We certainly found the perfect mix of fine luxury and active travel at the all-inclusive Lion Sands Ivory Lodge located in South Africa’s Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve.To read more, click on Exploring in luxury at Ivory Lodge.

Luxury Plus Adventure at Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge

Madikwe Private Game Lodge was an amazingly luxurious place to stay while we explored some of the surrounding natural beauty. To read more, click on Luxury Plus Adventure at Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge.

Exploring South Africa With the Bug Man

Our trip to the Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge in South Africa’s northwest corner near Botswana was fascinating. And to make the experience even better, we were able to see some spectacular wildlife thanks to our guide, Jaco. What we didn’t expect was an education on insects. To read more, click on Exploring South Africa With the Bug Man.

Adventures to extend your South African Safari

South African safaris are fun, but the pace is grueling. Why not do as we did—enjoy a few days relaxing on the Hermanus Coast. Be sure to stop to see penguins on the drive from Cape Town.

Celebrating Luxurious Romance at Birkenhead House

The Birkenhead House has a little something for everyone, but if romance is the plan, well, look no further than this beautiful property in Hermanus. To read more, click on Celebrating luxurious romance at Birkenhead House.

Penguin Sightings in South Africa

Yes, you can see penguins on the South African coast. You can’t come all this way without seeing them, too! To read more, click on Penguin sightings in South Africa.

Looking for Great White Sharks in South Africa

Although we weren’t lucky enough to see a great white on this day, a nice boat ride off the South African coast was still a delightful trip (forgetting the seasickness, of course). To read more, click on Looking for Great White Sharks in South Africa.

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