Tips for Planning a Safari

Thinking about finally taking that much-dreamed about African safari? Read tips for planning a safari based upon our first-hand experiences at both Ivory Lodge and Madikwe Lodge plus a visit to Hermanus on the South African coast.

Anticipating a South African Safari

Getting a bit overwhelmed with all of the vaccinations, clothes shopping and general planning involved when embarking on an African safari? Take a look at our in-depth tips to help you Anticipate a South African Safari.

Dressing for Safari

What clothes are best to bring on safari? Our tips show you exactly what to pack. To read more, click on Dressing for a Safari Adventure.

Finding Animals on a South African Game Drive

Anyone looking to see wild animals “up close and personal” will love South African game drives. It’s an intimate experience in comparison with the wild Serengeti plains and an unforgettable experience. We show you exactly what to expect. Read read more by clicking on Travel with the animals on a South African game drive.

Tips for Visiting Your Local Travel Clinic

Safety and health are priorities while traveling anywhere in the world, but you want to be especially prudent on safari. A trip to your medical professional beforehand is a must. To read more, click on Visit your local travel clinic before traveling to a remote part of the world.

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