Wildlife Sightings in South Africa

Although South Africa has an abundance of interesting things to see and do, the opportunity to observe animals in their natural habitat is probably the number one reason for visiting. Watching lions, elephants, zebras and more during game drives, which included the opportunity to photograph them, was an experience of a lifetime. We’ve chosen some of our best South African wildlife photos and safari stories to include here. Enjoy!

Exploring South Africa With the Bug Man

Our trip to the Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge in South Africa’s northwest corner near Botswana was fascinating. And to make the experience even better, we were able to see some spectacular wildlife thanks to our guide, Jaco. What we didn’t expect was an education on insects. To read more, click on Exploring South Africa With the Bug Man.

Waiting for the End

Do elephant graveyards really exist? Did we find one at Madikwe Game Reserve? To find out, click on Saturday’s scene: waiting for the end.

Close Encounter With a Lion

Although we were lucky enough to see many animals on our safari, this majestic lion was the most impressive animal to see up close. To read more, click on Close Encounter With a Lion.

Wait For Me

You can argue if you’d like, but there’s really nothing cuter than a baby elephant. To read more, click on Baby Elephant in South Africa.

Nature’s Optical Illusion

Are they black stripes on a white background or white stripes on a black background? To read more, click on Saturday’s scene: Nature’s Optical Illusion.

A Red Hyena

These pesky animals are known for their devilish ways not to mention their prehistoric appearance. To read more, click on A red hyena walks across the grass in Madikwe Game Reserve.

Jackass Penguin

This penguin was posing for us, I’m positive. To read more, click on Jackass Penguin.

Lion Brothers

These two sleepy heads had quite an audience for about an hour as we watched them snuggle together before taking a photo. To read more, click on Lion Brothers.

Looking for Great White Sharks in South Africa

Although we weren’t lucky enough to see a great white on this day, a nice boat ride off the South African coast was still a delightful trip (forgetting the seasickness, of course). To read more, click on Looking for Great White Sharks in South Africa.

Hitching a Ride

We blinked twice before realizing that this little bird had hitched a ride. To read more, click on Saturday’s Scene: Hitching a Ride.

A Giraffe Poses

We were lucky enough to have the Cindy Crawford of giraffes pose for us. How did we get such a close shot? Find out by click on Saturday’s Scene: Giraffe Poses.

Penguin Yawns

Everyone gets a little sleepy from time to time, even penguins! To read more, click on Saturday Scene: Penguin Yawns.

Lions Drinking

Just watching the lions move and operate throughout their natural landscape is an unforgettable sight. To read more, click on Saturday’s Scene: Lions Drinking.

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