One Healthy Change a Month: Strength Training

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I sit on a ball to make upper body weight lifting easier on my back.

Did you know that you’ve been losing a quarter pound of muscle each year—maybe even more if you’re sedentary—since turning 40? According to an article in Forbes, “muscle strength helps maintain bone heath and has been linked to the prevention of Type II diabetes. Strong muscles also affect balance, joint health and stability and weight maintenance.” That’s right, more muscle increases metabolism which helps maintain weight or even helps you loose a few pounds. What’s a boomer to do? Join July’s One Healthy Change a Month: Strength Training.

Do you think belonging to a gym is a requirement for strength training? Not so, although receiving instruction from a personal trainer on proper technique is always a good idea. (Follow your doctor’s advice on whether strength training is right for you). Since Alan and I live miles from a gym, we strength train at home. I use a set of Adjustable Dumbbells, while Alan prefers a stationary weight machine.

Still intimated by the idea of strength training? Mayo Clinic offers a series of free videos that will get you started. I like that the videos offer four strength training options including using your body weight, Resistance Bands, free weights and machines. Performing weight training in front of a mirror is also a good idea for keeping an eye out on proper form.

Taking a road trip? Don’t leave your strength at home. Resistance bands are easy to pack and use during your travels plus body weight exercises don’t require any equipment.

Here’s another bonus strength training provides for boomer travelers—lifting that carryon into the overhead bin just got a whole lot easier. And do you want to have more stamina for walking tours or hiking trips? Strength training helps. Last year, before the Glacier National Park hiking program that Alan and I took with Road Scholar, I worked on leg strength by using a weight machine and walking hills, which made hiking 30 miles in one week a doable and enjoyable experience.

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It’s not too late to join our challenge. Click One Healthy Change a Month to read more.

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