Updating My Tropical Cruise Gear

I’m not a shopper. Isn’t Alan a lucky guy? I usually wait for an upcoming cruise to refresh my wardrobe. Since Alan and I are about to enjoy a South Pacific cruise for the fifth time,  my tropical cruise gear needs a definite update.

When it comes to clothing, I look for products that can do double duty. And, with as much as we travel, some of my packing gear also needs updating. What have I added to my must-have list? Take a look:

My favorite tropical cruise gear includes Sketcher shoes for working out and walking around port. #cruise #gear #boomertravel

I’m adding Sketcher shoes to my tropical cruise gear for working out and walking around port.

Yes, I’m going to visit the gym—and walk on deck. Plus I need a comfortable pair of shoes for active cruise excursions. I prefer to leave my good workout shoes at home. First, I don’t want them to get too dirty for the gym from walking around ports. And, second, they are too hot and heavy for tropical climates. I solved my problem with the purchase of these Sketcher shoes. They are sturdy enough to make-do as a gym shoe, plus the stretch knit is completely breathable. And they’ll look so cute with black or white shorts or crop pants. Sold!

The Eagle Creek Sac Set holds makeup or toiletries. It's part of my tropical cruise gear. #boomertravel #cruise #gear #packing

It was time to replace my Eagle Creek Sac Set.

I use the Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Sac Set for storing toiletries. The small one holds my toothbrush, floss and whatever else I throw in. My makeup lives in the middle-sized sac—all year long. And I pack hair products and other beauty items in the largest sac. Although the sac sets are washable, after four or five years of use, it was time to replace them with this blue set.

The Chico's

Trust me, this Chico’s sweater looks much better on than spread out on a table.

When I visited Chico’s to return an item, this Paris pin foiled pullover sweater practically jumped into my hands. I knew it would be the perfect addition for this trip. The lightweight, open weave, sweater, paired with beige stretch jeans, will be cool enough for a tropical night out on deck. And it will also go well with taupe traveler pants when I want a dressier look. By adding a white or blush-colored no-iron shirt underneath—I have both—the sweater will still be wearable in Montana’s colder temperatures. Ill finish off the look with blue jeans and long tan leather boots. Yes!

The Eagle Creek Pack-it Starter Set will keep you organized on a boomer trip. #packing #travel #boomertravel

This versatile set goes a long way in keeping me organized.

The Eagle Creek garment folder, part of the Pack-It Specter Starter Set is wonderful for packing tops. I liked my original one so much that I added a second one to my tropical cruise gear. The set comes with a small and large packing cube. I can never have enough of those!

Scala hats are packable and lightweight. They make the perfect tropical cruise gear item. #hat #fashion #cruise #gear

Isn’t this the cutest hat?

I found this packable Scala hat at a gift store in Yachats during our Oregon coast fall trip. It’s so cute that I bought two—the white and beige one pictured, plus a tan version of the same hat. Scala packable hats regain their shape after being packed in my luggage. And they offer much-needed sun protection in tropical or sunny climates.

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Tropical cruise gear for your warm weather vacation. #cruise #gear #tropicalgetaway #boomertravel #packingtips

There you have it. The five items I added to my tropical cruise gear. Alan can rest easy because I’m done with shopping until the next big cruise.

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