Trim the Tree With Travel Ornaments

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Purchasing Christmas ornaments is one of my favorite shopping experiences while traveling. I enjoy picking out just the right keepsake to remind me of the trip. It’s about the only shopping that I do, except for jewelry—poor Alan.

Silver and red Angel Christmas ornament made out of metal
I bought this German angel on a Christmas markets cruise excursion to Freiberg.

On those years when I decorate for Christmas, memories of travel come rushing back to me as I unpack the ornaments. Hanging them on the tree is a physical reminder of special trip memories.

I love the holidays so much that I’d be happy to decorate more than one tree. A small travel themed Christmas tree to hold just travel ornaments would be a fun addition to my kitchen.

There are some Christmases when I know I’ll be traveling. But I still like to have a little bit of holiday spirit around until the trip starts. A small Christmas tree filled with travel ornaments would be perfect!

Sometimes, I don’t find the right ornament during my trip, like on my visit to Glacier National Park. That’s when online shopping saves the day. I browse the selections to fill in the missing ornaments in my collection.

Red metal Santa ornament hanging on a Christmas tree.
I met this Santa in Heidelberg and he begged me to bring him home.

Travel Christmas Ornaments Shopping List

Have I convinced you to create a travel Christmas tree? Or perhaps boomer travelers, who enjoy Christmas decorating, are on your holiday gift list. I've created a Travel Christmas Ornaments Shopping List to make shopping easy for you. Enjoy!

Boomer Travel Tip

Did I miss your favorite travel memory or destination? Check out my Trim the Tree with Travel Ornaments Amazon Influencer’s list for a huge selection of travel Christmas ornaments. There were just too many to include here.

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