Walking in an Arizona Slot Canyon

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Walking in an Arizona slot canyon, is one of our favorite active baby boomer travel memories. Are you curious about what it’s like to walk underneath the desert? Come on along:

Baby Boomer Travel Tips:

  • Lower Antelope Canyon is located on Navajo land off of Copper Mine Road near Page, Arizona. It is administered by the LeChee Chapter of the Navajo Nation.
  • Currently, all access is by guided tour only.
  • There is a general admission fee of $6.00 in addition to the tour fee. Age 7 or younger are free.
  • The canyon is dark in many places with an uneven walking surface. At times, conditions are tight.
  • Peak visiting season is late March to October.
  • Take care during monsoon season. In 1997, 11 tourists lost their lives due to a flash flood upstream of Lower Antelope Canyon.
  • We visited Lower Antelope Canyon as part of a photography workshop with Exposure360.
  • Photographers should bring a tripod due to low light conditions, although the photos you see in the video were taken without a tripod.
  • Upper Antelope Canyon and Waterholes are two more slot canyons in the area that can be visited on a guided tour.

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