Boomer Adventure in Maui

Boomer Adventure in Maui

Boomer Adventure in Maui offers endless possibilities for active travel fans. Take a look at our Maui adventure guide to help plan your next trip!

Maui Sunset Cruise

Combine a blazing ball of fire dipping into the sea with a relaxing ride on a catamaran and you have one of the best Maui experiences possible. Take a look at our tips for taking a Maui Sunset Cruise .

Whale Watching

In just a short time you can have the adventure of your life in Maui, but Whale Watching was certainly one of our favorite experiences.

Stand Up Paddleboarding on Maui

Although Maui is the perfect place for some R&R, Stand Up Paddleboarding on Maui is a great way to see the island’s majestic beauty from the middle of the ocean!

Paragliding over Maui

Although Maui is full of extreme sport activities, I was thrilled to combine something daring with an opportunity to see the island from a whole new perspective. Click on Paragliding over Maui to read about my experience.

Helicopter Ride over Maui

Although Hawaii is chock full of breath-taking landscape, true nature lovers will love seeing all of the island’s natural beauty by taking a Helicopter Ride over Maui.

Black lava rock and blue ocean is the prime scenery when you visit La Perouse Bay in Maui.

Exploring La Perouse Bay

When you’ve soaked up all of the rest and relaxation that a Maui resort provides, it’s time to go off-the-beaten-path on south Maui to explore La Perouse Bay. We’ll share travel tips on how to get there, the best stops along the way, advice on hiking trails and what to bring with you. If you’re looking for an adventuresome diversion that you can do independently, this is it!  Click through to read more about how to  Explore La Perouse Bay.

How to Take a Maui Ziplining Adventure

Active travel means many things to many people, but for those brave souls who are looking for thrilling adventures, Maui has you covered. Take a look at how to fly over the forest on a Maui Ziplining Adventure .

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