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Top Five Holiday Travel Apps

Updated 11.01.2017

Typically, there are two types of reactions to the words, “Holiday Travel”. There are those who will wince dramatically at the thought of dealing with the frustrating hassles that often come with holiday travel such as high travel costs, crowded airports, weather delays, extended family time, etc. Then, there are those who, when thinking of holiday travel, will dreamily look up at the sky, maybe imagining themselves relaxing on a sunny beach with a frothy piña colada in hand.

Travel easy during the holidays with our top holiday travel app recommendations.

Whether you loathe or love holiday travel, it’s always a good idea to be prepared no matter where your travels take you. Holidays do bring a lot of airport traffic, resulting in dreadful delays and an all-around stressful travel experience. Trust us: having some handy apps with you can really help in these unexpected moments. Here are our picks for top Holiday Travel Apps:

1. Hopper app is an incredibly useful tool for finding the best buys on flight prices. The app is designed to analyze billions of flight prices daily in able to predict how prices will fluctuate in the near future. Thanks to this real-time analysis, the app will notify you the moment prices drop and before they’re about to rise, potentially saving you 40%. Available on iTunes and Android for free.

2. TripCase app is one of many trip itinerary apps on the market, but this comprehensive app stands out for its real time itinerary alerts, weather reports, flight status reports, etc. It’s an all-in-one travel tool that, on top of providing updated travel information, will hold all of your itinerary info as well.  Available on iTunes and Android for free.

3. Live Traffic Info app is great on two accounts, getting you safely to the airport or guiding you on your road trip home for the holidays. No matter where or how you’re traveling, you’ll most likely be driving to the destination or to the airport. Knowing the traffic conditions beforehand can save you a lot of hassle and headache beforehand. Available on iTunes and Android for free.

4. Shop Savvy app is great for those last minute gifts you need on the go, without spending a lot for the sake of convenience. In order to save shoppers time and money, this little shopping apps provides immediate product information and price comparison between stores and/or vendors. By scanning the object’s barcode scanner and QR code reader, you can find where it is being sold for the best price, either in online stores or local stores. Available on iTunes and Android for free.

5. Travel Health Guide app is an essential app for those headed to exotic places over the holidays. Unfortunately, when health issues come up while out of our country, we don’t always know what to do, but this app is a great resource if you get sick while traveling. Although it’s absolutely no substitute for a real doctor, the app is a simple, easy-to-follow guide to help you manage the most common travelers’ health problems. Available on iTunes and Android for $2.99.

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