Luxury Cruise Guide for Baby Boomers

Luxury Cruise Guide

Updated 04.16.2018. Since July 2014, our Luxury Cruise Guide has helped baby boomers plan their trips on some of the most luxurious adventures at sea. We are big fans of the luxury and experiences to be found on small luxury cruise ships. But there are so many choices that it’s hard to know which one to choose. Do you need inspiration for your next cruise? We’ve compiled all of our favorite resources into one quick guide to start your travel dreaming.

Looking for a little adventure on the high seas or are you just looking to take it easy in a relaxing and luxurious setting? Well, a luxury cruise might just might be the answer. Alan and I love to travel on small ship luxury cruises. And you wouldn’t believe the adventures that we’ve discovered along the way. In this Luxury Cruise Guide, you’ll find links to the best shore excursions based upon our personal experiences, luxury cruise reviews so that you’ll know which ship and itinerary is best for you, our favorite luxury cruise apps and visual inspiration from Pinterest cruise boards. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your small ship luxury cruise today.

When you’re ready, click on over to our Luxury Cruise Planner to begin making your travel dreams come true. Of course we’ll be adding more amazing cruise adventures so come back often. Or subscribe to the My Itchy Travel Feet Weekly Broadcast to be the first to know!

The white color of a small luxury yacht is reflected into dark blue waters of Alaska's Inside Passage.

Luxury Cruise Reviews

With over 300 nights onboard small luxury cruise ships, it’s fair to say that we know the luxury cruising industry. Check out some of our best cruises and favorite itineraries at Luxury Cruise Reviews. And, since we cruise at least once a year, we’re constantly adding (and updating) so that you’ll know what to expect on your cruise.

A man sits on the balcony of a cruise ship looking at the smoggy Shanghai skyline

Luxury Cruise Planner for Boomers

There’s more to planning a cruise than simply dialing up your favorite travel advisor. Before you make that call, do what we do, start with online research. And ask lots of questions. At our Luxury Cruise Planner, we answer your questions about luxury cruising, plus you’ll find plenty of resources both online and off, to make your cruise the best it can be. Click on over to see for yourself.

A white fin of a whale sticks out of the blue water near Maui

The Best Shore Excursions

Some people like to hang out and relax when cruising while others want to stay active every minute of the day. If you’re looking for things to do in port, our Shore Excursions page will help. We haven’t written about every cruise excursion in the world, but you’ll find write-ups about our shore excursion experiences from every continent. Don’t book a dud. Read our reviews, before committing to an excursion.

Champagne bottle and empty glasses sit on the table of a luxury cruise ship cabin

Luxury Cruise Apps

Looking for cruise travel apps? We’re proud of this comprehensive list of the best luxury cruise apps. You’ll find apps to use before leaving home, apps for onboard life, plus apps for staying safe in port or doing lots of exploring. This truly is the ultimate in cruise app resources so be sure to give it a read.

A white cruise ship docks in the small Spanish port of Cartagena.

Luxury Cruise Pinterest Boards

If you’re like us, nothing inspires a trip like a photo. Need a few images to help you plan your upcoming luxury cruise? Check out our Pinterest Boards featuring visual inspiration for those looking for high seas adventures: start with Luxury Cruises for Boomers or Cruise Excursions. But you’ll find plenty more to spark your travel dreaming.

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