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Seven of America’s Best State Parks

January 29, 2015
Custer State Park

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of visiting US National Parks whenever we can. From Yellowstone to Glacier National Park, we’ll take any opportunity to explore our country’s greatest natural resources. However, while national parks tend to get a lot more attention, state parks often fly below the radar, which is quite a […]

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Laid Back in Savannah

January 27, 2015
Tybee Island Lighthouse

Although the USA has an infinite amount of travel options, the beautiful south remains one of the most intriguing regions to explore. Especially charming are the many quaint cities along the Atlantic coast like Savannah, a historic city with an unmistakeable mix of southern sophistication and vibrant energy. Today’s guest poster, Sam Lowe, explains the […]

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News for the Week

January 24, 2015

Hello from the Silver Spirit. Alan and I boarded in Los Angeles after a night’s stay at the Montage Beverly Hills. Silversea hosted the 140 cruisers who will be taking the 64-day Grand Voyage, Southern Cross 2015 (#southerncross2015) for a gala dinner. We appreciated the opportunity to get to know our fellow cruisers. All of […]

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A Long Weekend in Dublin

January 22, 2015
A long weekend in Dublin

Although many swear by solo travel, traveling with company certainly has its benefits. Even traveling with family, which, granted, can be a bit stressful, can also be an incredibly enriching experience. Today’s guest poster, Rita Foley, co-author of the newly released book, Revolutionary Retirement. What’s Next for You walks us through her special weekend in […]

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Cruising the South Pacific again…and again…and agan

January 21, 2015

What is it about the South Pacific that calls our name? Could it be the warm, tropical waters and relaxing sea days? Or could it be the fun we have on favorite South Pacific cruise excursions like swimming with stingrays in French Polynesia? Whatever it is, Alan and I are answering the call — again. This […]

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News for the Week

January 17, 2015
Air Maui helicopter tour

Confession time: I won’t be writing a packing advice article based upon our upcoming 64-day cruise on Silversea. Alan and I had agreed that we’d be packed by Thursday evening — I’m the designated packer — and I didn’t meet the goal. When I went to bed Thursday night, I thought, “This is a no-brainer. I’m almost […]

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Making the Trek to Kaiteur Falls, Guyana

January 13, 2015
Kaiteur Falls, Guyana

Within the wonderful world of hiking, there are seemingly two categories: those leisurely hikers who love a good dose of fresh air mixed with great views of beautiful landscape and then, there are those adventurous trekkers who love nothing more than beating new and arduous paths towards incredibly remote destinations. Today’s guest posters, Candas Whitlock and […]

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News for the Week

January 10, 2015
Celebrating the arrival of cruise documents.

Much of the joy of travel is the anticipation. That’s why Alan and I took time out this week from packing, writing and planning for a 64-day cruise to celebrate the day our cruise documents arrived. We sat in front of the fireplace with glass of bubbly in hand and dreamed about what this trip […]

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Top Apps for Hawaiian Travel

January 8, 2015
Old Lahaina Luau sunset

What can be said about Hawaii travel that hasn’t been said before? As one of the most treasured natural resources found in the US, this beautiful cluster of volcanic islands truly offers the utmost in travel utopia. Exotic landscape and expansive beaches are only rivalled by the deep history and rich culture of the islands. […]

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In Defense of the Travel Bucket List

January 6, 2015
Do you have a travel bucket list? We share why you should.

Do you keep a travel bucket list? It’s a controversial topic among bloggers and travel writers. Naysayers point to travelers moving too quickly with the idea of checking an item off before rushing to the next destination on the list. They claim it leads to shallow travel experiences that don’t properly explore a place. Alan and I are […]

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