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How Many Lives Can We Have?

February 26, 2015
Paragliding over Maui

From a very young age, we are taught to behave ourselves. Use your inside voice! Don’t spoil your appetite! You can’t wear that on the street! Walk, don’t run! Be a good girl! Be a good boy! Well, what happens if we don’t want to be good anymore? Just when is it okay to not […]

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Strolling Through Spain’s Mini Versailles

February 24, 2015
La Granja

Pardon the cliché, but exploring Spain is very much like peeling a multi-layered onion. From its verdant  northwest coastal areas to the spirited and traditional Andalusia, Spain’s various regions are incredibly diverse. Few who have had the pleasure of exploring the Iberian Peninsula could argue otherwise. Of course, as usual, it’s typically the off-the-beaten-path pueblos […]

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News for the Week

February 21, 2015
byodo in temple

Nicole here reporting for Donna, who is currently exploring the many ports of New Zealand. Although I’m sure she has tons to tells us about this week’s adventures, unfortunately, the Internet has been like some of their last fews days at sea: rocky. So, I’m here to recap the week for you. The My Itchy […]

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Exploring Byodo-in Temple on Oahu Island

February 17, 2015
byodo in temple

As much as we love Hawaii’s beautiful beaches and luxury lodgings, some of our best memories have included exploring the many off-the-beaten path locations around the islands. Today’s guest author and photographer, Noel Morata from behind Travel Photo Discovery, takes us to one of Oahu’s most spectacular sites, the Byodo-In Temple. One of the most […]

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News for the Week

February 14, 2015
Triple Creek Ranch

Hello from New Zealand’s North Island. The weather’s taken a cooler turn as Silver Spirit explores Bay of Islands, Auckland, Tauranga, Napier and Picton. Next week, Alan and I will continue on to the South Island. To keep up with us, check out the photos and short messages at the My Itchy Travel Feet page on Facebook, Instagram […]

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Learning to Bake Pies at Triple Creek Ranch

February 12, 2015
Triple Creek Ranch

Although Triple Creek Ranch offers plenty of outdoor adventures for active boomers, sometimes you need a break from all that rugged fun. That’s how I found myself in a pie baking class on a Thanksgiving visit to the Montana Relais & Chateau guest ranch. Guests gather in the gourmet kitchen of Ponderosa cabin to watch […]

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Enjoying a Nordic Ski Trip in the Canadian Rockies

February 10, 2015
Lake Louise in Banff National Park

How does cuddling up beside a crackling fire in a lodge tucked away in the Canadian Rockies after a day of cross-country skiing sound? Nice, right? There are tons of active travel opportunities in Alberta and British Columbia where you can do exactly this and more. Today’s guest writer, Leigh McAdam from HikeBikeTravel, lets us […]

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News for the Week

February 7, 2015
Alan and Donna Hull swim with stingrays in Bora Bora.

Greetings from French Polynesia. Swimming with stingrays and reef sharks in Moorea has been the highlight for us. And we loved it so much that we repeated the experience in Bora Bora. Next week starts the beginning of Silver Spirit’s exploration of New Zealand. To keep up with us, check out the photos and short messages at the My […]

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Top Five Apps for Winter Travel

February 5, 2015
Donna and Alan_Hubbard Glacier

Although many travelers take off the winter months to rest and rejuvenate, real adventurers in the know seek out cold weather travel opportunities. In fact, traveling during wintertime is a great idea for anyone looking for great deals to destinations that offer breathtaking landscapes, endless outdoor adventures and quite often, few crowds. Of course, traveling in […]

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Visit Nu’uanu Pali on Oahu Island

February 3, 2015
Nu’uanu Pali on Oahu Island

As one of our favorite destinations in the USA, Hawaii has always held a special place in our heart. Luckily, we’ve been able to explore much of the Big Island as well as many of the other surrounding islands. However, today’s guest writer and photographer behind Travel Photo Discovery, Noel Morata is going to take […]

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