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Top Five South Pacific Travel Apps

Top Five South Pacific Travel Apps Updated: 10.04/2017

A trip to the South Pacific means exotic landscape and ample active travel opportunities will be at your fingertips. Of course, exploring this exotic destination means making a lot of decisions in the process.

The best travel apps for visiting the South Pacific. #travelapps #southpacific

Incredible view of New Zealand from the deck of Donna’s latest South Pacific cruise.

For most of us, planning a trip to this part of the world can be a bit daunting. How do you choose which islands to visit? Do we have to choose between Bali and Fiji or can we visit both? Fortunately, there are plenty of cruise lines that offer various voyages that stop at most of the beautiful exotic islands of the South Pacific.

Of course, to really experience all that this incredibly paradisiacal part of the world has to offer, apps are going to be your best friends. In order to help you efficiently plan and see the best of the best while traveling through the South Pacific, take a look at our top five South Pacific cruise travel apps:

1. The Islands of Tahiti – Official Guide – Tahiti Tourisme app gives us the skinny on visiting one of the South Pacific’s most beloved sites. Even if  you’re looking for off-the-beaten-path destinations, this app will give you the basic information to plan your own itinerary around the major sites. Full of useful information from opening times, directions, maps, photos, videos, etc. Available for free on iTunes.

2. Fiji Islands Offline Map Travel Guide has all the details to plan an incredible trip through the South Pacific’s most exotic location. This app has everything you need to plan your trip beforehand as well as useful, in-the-moment  information such as GPS-based maps, directions, hotel and restaurant information and popular tourist sites on the island. Available for $5.99 on iTunes.

3. Cruise Ship Mate is often hailed as the number one app for cruisers and for good reason. This app has all you’ll need to plan an amazing time on-board and off. Organize your cruise itinerary, daily excursions, deck maps and  you can even reach out to fellow shipmates through their Roll Call function. Available for free on iTunes and Android.

4. Travel Safe app is a great way to stay safe while traveling, especially on a cruise ship. The app has an offline database of local police and ambulance numbers for every country on your cruise stops. Available on Android for free.

5. Converter Plus is especially useful on cruises with different ports. Unlike trips where you tend to get a hold on the local currency after the first few days, if you’re stopping at multiple ports with different currencies, Converter Plus lets you shop with confidence that you’re not blowing away next month’s mortgage by accident! Available for free on iPhones only. Free is a great app for any type of travel, but it is especially useful if you’re planning to explore different ports while on a cruise. If you’re stopping at multiple ports with different currencies, Converter Plus takes the stress out of quick math equations and allows you shop with confidence that you’re not getting ripped off. Available for free on iPhones.

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