Finding Wireless Service in Rural America with TracFone

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For the next six months, I’ll be reporting my experiences using one of America’s largest no-contract wireless services as a TracFone brand ambassador (sponsored).

Living in rural America has its advantages—no crowds, outstanding scenery and a relaxed lifestyle. But country life also has disadvantages, especially when it comes to shopping. For instance, to contract with a new cell phone provider, I must drive 30 minutes to town, hope the store has the phone models that I’d like to see, and a contract that I can live with, then drive 30 minutes back to the house. If the selection at my local store is limited, then I must continue the search in Missoula, about an hour up the road from my home. It’s not exactly the way this non-shopper likes to spend her time.

But to begin wireless service with TracFone, I don’t have to drive anywhere to choose a cell phone. All I do is go to the onlnine TracFone Shop, pick the phone that I like, enter my zip code to determine if that phone is available for my area, purchase the phone and an Airtime Card, then wait for delivery. It’s as simple as that.

Signing up for Wireless Service With TracFone

Last week, I browsed the TracFone Shop for a new cell phone. My choice? The Moto-E at $ 119.99.The Android smartphone includes a 5 MP camera/video recorder, an all-day battery and “Triple Everything”: 3x Talk Time, 3x Texts and 3x Data. And I especially like that the Moto E includes Unlimited Carryover of unused talk, text and data that never expires, as long as I keep the service active by using the phone in each six month period.

If you’re a land-line user looking for an inexpensive cell phone for the road, TracFone offers simple flip-phone options for as low as $14.99.

Next it was time to pick a TracFone Airtime card. Because I’m testing this out to report back to you, I chose a card that would require me to add more time in a couple of months. The 60 minutes Airtime Card offers a 90 day service plan with 3x Talk Time, 3x Texts and 3x Data equaling 180 minutes of talk, 180 minutes of text and 180 MB Data at a price of $19.99. Since I’m not a big talker or texter, I’m confident that 180 minutes will last for 90 days but I’ll have to let you know about 180 MB of data, considering that I’m a heavy Internet user.

moto e from TracFone. You don't have to sign a contract.
Ready to open the box

My phone arrived via FedEx in 3 days. And, because of a current TracFone special, I paid no shipping. Upon opening the box, I discovered several guides, including the Terms and Conditions of Service, which I was required to read before opening the Moto E box.

Starting wireless service with TracFone was super easy on their website, although I could have also called a special toll free number. Back to the online method, I entered my unique key to activate service, the PIN from the Airtime Card and waited for TracFone to alert me by calling my new phone with my new number. Users also have the option of transferring a phone number from another provider to use at TracFone. And if a user’s current phone is compatible with TracFone BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) program, they won’t have to purchase a new phone to use TracFone.

While activating my phone online, I also created an account, which allows me to keep up with TracFone services, easily add minutes, and also track phone minutes, text and data usage. Within a matter of minutes, my phone dinged, alerting me to the new phone number. And while I had the phone turned on, I also downloaded the TracFone app onto the Moto E to make monitoring usage more convenient.

I know you’re wondering about how I’m going to get cell service if TracFone owns no towers. Here’s how it works. TracFone contracts with major cell providers across the United States to use their signal and service. So no matter where I’m traveling with my phone, I should be able to find service (there are always exceptions in remote areas of the U.S.) with NO ROAMING.

Moto e TracFone. Wireless service without the contract.
All charged up and ready to go

I’ll be spending the next day or so becoming acquainted with the Moto E, especially since this is my first time on an Android phone. So far, this has been a convenient way to purchase and activate a wireless plan. Did I mention that there was no contract to sign and no credit check?

Are you curious about wireless service with TracFone? Have you already experienced the freedom of no-contract, no credit check TracFone? Join the conversation at the My Itchy Travel Feet page on Facebook or send us an email to ask a question or share your experience.

Disclosure: I am a paid brand ambassador for TracFone.

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